Enjoy the luxury of darkTan where we strive to go beyond your expectations towards complete customer satisfaction.

Our upscale salons provide 6 different levels to accommodate all skin types and personal desires. Our high-class, state of the art beds ensure a golden glow that is essential all year round. Don’t know what bed or lotion you should use? Ask our friendly staff. They are knowledgeable in the industry and would be happy to educate you according to your specific needs. So if you want affordable prices, excellent customer service and a beautiful bronze body, drop into one of our many convenient darkTan locations. What We Do

darkTan is designed to deliver the deepest, darkest tan possible through the use of our high-class state of the art tanning beds, stand-ups, and sunless equipment. When it comes to Looking Good and Feeling Great, there’s a small line between hit and miss. Between being in the spot light, and standing on the side lines. That’s why it is not just a motto, it is our entire way of life. We strive for being the best and providing the best.

Here at darkTan, our salons are spotless. Our high standards of cleanliness allows us to maintain complete comfort in the fact that each tanning experience is not only up to our standards, but to yours. Each darkTan salon carries out a cleaning check-list, by a full-time maintenance staff to ensure each store, each room and each bed are looking and running at it’s best. We do not just clean the beds and what you can see. We even clean what you can’t see. This means under, behind and inside the tanning bed will be fully cleaned and left spotless. Going above and beyond is just one more added perk to having a darkTan.

Our mission is simple. To help you Look Good and Feel Great. We understand that each and every tanner is searching for their ideal level of luxury and we are committed to ensuring that everyone finds it; that’s why darkTan is built around the age old method of Quality over Quantity.

Following this simple method allows us to provide you with nothing but the best. In order to get the best, you must use the best. That’s why darkTan only invests in tanning beds that are not only proven to work, but are made by some of the leading companies in the world, but it does not end there. We use only the best tanning lamps which are designed to provide only the darkest of tans. Our high end tanning units are only a small part of our mission to you. darkTan has teamed up with the leading luxury lotion company Supre to help meet and exceed every tanners wants and needs. Throw in our dedicated team of Salon Experts to help you choose the best combination of tanning lotions and equipment and you have a match made in heaven.

We take our mission to heart and live by it each and every day. We not only carry the best, but we are run, operated and manned by people who are looking to Look Good and Feel Great as well. Stop on by to your local darkTan and we will be happy to help you Look your very best, and feel your very best!

The first thing people notice about darkTan is our unbelievable advanced selection of tanning units.

The WOW factor is just something we are good at. Knowing full well that in order to get the best, you have to use the best. Thats why we offer each and every tanner a selection of 5 different levels, packed with the most cutting edge tanning units and technology available in the tanning industry today.

One glimpse at the beautiful exterior of these tanning beds can only give you the sensation of what lies beneath. Our line of advanced tanning beds are jammed pack with perks that will not only keep your skin looking it’s best, but will keep you smiling for the rest of the day. Climate controlled A/C, Full Body Cooling, Voice Guides, MP3 player hook ups and so much more.

No matter what type of tanner you are, we offer something for everyone. That’s why we categorized our beds into 6 different levels of intensity and comfort. From simple lay down, to high end stand up, all the way to cutting edge high pressure perfection. We are dedicated to providing you with only the best, state of the art tanning equipment.

To see for your self, check out a location near you and ask one of our friendly staff to show you your next favorite bed!